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PMG Releases First Accountable Sustainability Report

4 MINUTE READ | May 17, 2023

PMG Releases First Accountable Sustainability Report

Today, we are releasing our first Accountable Sustainability Report to provide a transparent assessment and comprehensive overview of PMG’s accountable sustainability program and efforts to advance sustainable value creation. Sustainability is a company-wide commitment for PMG that spans the breadth of our service offering, company practices and values, customer relationships, and company culture. This report, coupled with the results of our Materiality Assessment and greenhouse gas emissions measurements, serves as a benchmark for our continued progress, helping us to effectively prioritize the right sustainability initiatives and develop a comprehensive accountable sustainability strategy and action plan for the years to come.

In 2020, we affirmed our commitment to driving meaningful and lasting change by holding ourselves publicly accountable for building and promoting a culture of belonging, inclusion, and diversity (CBID). Core to this work was determining how our accountable sustainability program would complement our CBID efforts. During the years that followed, we have worked closely with external partners and internal stakeholders to guide our approach to delivering sustainable value creation within our organization, our communities, and the global advertising and technology industries. We are eager to share our progress with you in this report.

Download the report here:

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Looking ahead, we plan to regularly assess our performance and take action to improve or change directions as necessary in line with our core value to Always Change for the Better. We welcome feedback and encourage readers to contact us at We are just getting started and looking forward to working together to create lasting change.

Posted by: Abby Long