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Data Driving Smarter Ads on the Dumb Box

1 MINUTE READ | May 18, 2020

Data Driving Smarter Ads on the Dumb Box

PMG’s Katie Anderson recently sat down for a virtual chat with Digiday’s Tim Peterson during its Future of TV Summit LIVE event to talk about how advertisers are incorporating data in their TV campaigns. In a session titled “Smarter Ads on the Dumb Box,” Katie walked Tim and the audience through how digital advertising’s data-driven and audience-based approach is overtaking how people buy TV and streaming video.

According to Anderson, the shift in consumer preferences on how they want to interact with brands online, such as the social feed and native ads, allows companies to integrate themselves in ways that support media consumption habits, instead of disrupting them, and connected TV is an extension of that.

She also touched on how the recent consolidation of the supply side of the business, from the perspective of content and tech, means buyers have access to more unique data sets and thus are able to make more efficient buys.

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Posted by David Gong

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