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Holiday Creative Roundup: Eye Candy & Holiday Cheer!

3 MINUTE READ | December 13, 2014

Holiday Creative Roundup: Eye Candy & Holiday Cheer!

‘Tis the season for fattened budgets (and waistlines, let’s be honest), Pinterest DIY gift wrapping, glitter in all colors (gold is best), and inevitably, some really good and really not so good holiday creative. From personal greeting cards to full blown corporate campaigns, the holiday season forces creatives to think outside the (Tiffany’s) box and re-imagine a season that’s been beaten to death with a candy striped stick for decades. It’s a time to be clever, but not offensive… Funny, but not cheesy (unless that’s what you’re into). And heartfelt without being transparent. So here’s a quick roundup of some modern holiday creative that I find to be classy, not at all trashy, beautiful, and smart. Let’s start with a hodgepodge of *cool stuff*!

Credits: Allan Peters, Hine Mizushima, Christian Grossi, Karolien Pauly, Ema Rogotbete

Neat! Colors! I think it’s stellar when designers and artists use a rainbow of colors while still illustrating the cheerful holiday vibes that our traditional green and red color palette conveys. Ornaments and trees also lend themselves to fun geometric shapes that the above designers have played with beautifully. And because so many retailers need to show off their product in new and inventive ways during the holiday season, here are a few spectacular examples of product display.

Greg Vore

Greg Vore

Dana Tanamachi for West Elm

J.Crew Holiday Gift Guide incorporating Video & Rich Media Videos

J.Crew Holiday Gift Guide incorporating Video (top left slippers are Rich Media Video)

The above brands and designers make holiday shopping an enjoyable and engaging visual experience! With creative like this, consumers don’t have to feel bombarded with holiday advertising. Instead, they’re compelled to engage and shop with the brand’s guidance. The following holiday advertisements are both clever and simple in their messaging. Enjoy.

On my way to buy this for my mom now…

No copy necessary.

Incorporating that holiday feeling with the rainbow of colors associated with the United Colors of Benetton.



I’m okay with the typo, I guess.

While there are so many creative holiday commercial ads out there, this hilarious and awesome spoof on Weiden+Kennedy’s Southern Comfort ad is by far my favorite. Featuring British Comedian Harry Enfeild, Contagious London and director Paul Weiland give us spot on holiday humor to promote Christmas Jumper Day, a day to wear your best holiday sweater and donate to Save the Children. This is what spreading holiday cheer is all about y’all.

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps you. I hope it changes your life. I hope this here roundup of holiday creative BLEW YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE MIND. Happy holidays!


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Posted by Alana Mandel

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