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Introducing Google Domains (Invite-Only Beta)

2 MINUTE READ | July 9, 2014

Introducing Google Domains (Invite-Only Beta)

I think domain names are awesome. Like many domainers, I own way to many domains, and I have them spread across several different registrars. My domaining habit has gotten even worse with the launch of hundreds of new gTLDs. And ever since the Moniker fiasco, I’ve been looking for a new registrar. Now, it looks like I’m in luck! Introducing: Google Domains (Invite-Only Beta).

A few weeks ago, I noticed this post from Google+ Your Business:

“We’re beginning to invite a small number of people to kick the tires on Google Domains [], a domain registration service we’re in the process of building. Businesses will be able to search, find, purchase and transfer the best domain for their business – whether it’s .com, .biz, .org, or any of the wide range of new domains that are being released to the Web. “

From what I know about domains and registrars, technically Google has been a registrar for a number of years. I always figured they became a registrar for the purpose of being able to see who owns certain domains. I’m honestly surprised that they are turning this into another service that they offer.

For me, the whole Google-is-a-registrar story brings up a few SEO-related questions:

  1. Will domains registered with Google get better rankings? In other words, will Google-registered domains get preferential treatment in the SERPs?

  2. Along the same line, will there be a way to verify ownership publicly – much like the concept of ‘Authorship’, but for domains. Maybe they let domain owners connect their G+ profiles with owned domains. That would be interesting.

  3. Will domains registered with Google be more trusted by Google users? Will Google attempt to make searchers trust those domains more? For example, you can verify your store in Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLA), and it will show your “Trusted Store” with a check next to it in the PLAs. What if you could verify your domain and get a Google check logo next to your domain in the SERPs?

Interesting questions, indeed.

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This whole thing sounds really exciting. I think I’m going to apply for an invite code. BRB!

Posted by Kerry Dean

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