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Kohler Celebrates Plumbers Getting It Done in New Sterling Campaign

3 MINUTE READ | September 29, 2022

Kohler Celebrates Plumbers Getting It Done in New Sterling Campaign

Kohler Celebrates Plumbers Getting It Done in New Sterling Campaign

Kohler is launching its first integrated mass-market campaign in partnership with PMG for its plumbing brand Sterling, designed with pros in mind. As a legacy home and bath brand with a reputation for being easy to install, built to last, and backed by Kohler, the new campaign aims to make Sterling the reliable brand of choice for pro plumbers and DIYers by celebrating all the ways plumbers get the job done.

At the center of the campaign are new spots from PMG honoring the people behind the modern plumbing trade and their growing diversity. From Ricky—a fixer, a finder, a contortionist…a hero…an under par rockstar, and more—to Erin, who has seen it, done it from tree homes to haunted homes, to Quinndemonstrating what it looks like when a master plumber works with Sterling, the new spots highlight who today’s plumbers are, their work ethic, and their pride in the work they do.

“Advertising home products to professionals has become harder to break through with a meaningful message. We wanted to highlight Sterling’s appreciation of professionals, their trade, and what they really need,” said Kyle Kelley, Executive Creative Director at PMG. “This campaign is about more than sinks and showers. It elevates the industry and builds a brand by combining data-driven strategy and insights, creative, and media together to honor and connect with the plumbing profession in culturally relevant ways.”

Representing Sterling’s largest campaign and advertising investment in over five years, the new campaign builds on a fully integrated full-funnel strategy designed to build awareness and reach among Sterling’s core professional audience and propel the brand’s growth. The new campaign highlights 30-, 15- and 6-second ads running across addressable TV and CTV targeting popular programming on networks like AMC, ESPN, HGTV, and more, along with video buys via YouTube and The Trade Desk, as well as social ads targeting professional trade communities across Meta, Reddit, Nextdoor, and more.

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Watch the new spots on YouTube here, here, and here.

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