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New Google Tests on “People Also Search For” Feature

2 MINUTE READ | February 10, 2017

New Google Tests on “People Also Search For” Feature

Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) are constantly changing as Google adds and tests new features. In the past couple of months, I’ve been noticing a new Google test of the “People also search for” feature in mobile search results.

The “People also search for” box appears below organic results in a carousel format, and displays related search query suggestions that you can scroll through left and right. In this particular test, the “People also search for” results are only happening after 1) clicking on a website link from the organic results and 2) bouncing back to the search results page.

Here is an example:

I searched Google for “womens hiking boots.” I clicked on the organic listing for REI, landed on REI’s Women’s Boots category page, and then clicked back to the search results to look for other sites selling hiking boots.



The search box included other similar nonbrand searches that might better fit a user’s query (“womens hiking boots reviews”), as well as competitor brands (“keen womens hiking boots”).

To see if I could replicate this, I tried these same steps (click on link > wait for webpage to load > click back to search results) on other organic listings below REI and again received the search box in each case.


This test appears to be an expansion on previous Google tests related to search features.

  • In 2015, the “People also ask for” box was spotted in desktop and mobile search results. This box appears at the top of search results, and includes related search queries that Google generates based on the original search performed.

  • In 2016, the “People also search for” box was spotted in the organic search results on mobile for certain listings. Search Engine Land wrote about this new Google test, and referenced the following example from @MattNavarra:

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Posted by Janie Jackson

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