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Our Commitment to Pay Equity

2 MINUTE READ | November 9, 2018

Our Commitment to Pay Equity

PMG is proud to join The 3% Movement as a founding agency member of the 3% Pledge for Pay Equity. The initiative reflects PMG’s ongoing commitment to transparency, pay equity and closing the wage gap in the advertising industry.

Originally created to raise the number of female Creative Directors in advertising from 3% to 50%, The 3% Movement uses a mixture of content, community and professional development to help agencies learn how to foster female creative talent and leadership while also striving for pay equity and gender diversity in workplace leadership.

This year, as a part of its ongoing efforts, The 3% Movement created the pledge initiative to “create and drive momentum” in the advertising industry to conduct wage audits, close gender pay gaps, and promote inclusive practices like transparency and equality in opportunity and compensation.

PMG is committed to fair and equitable compensation for our employees and is proud to join the 3% Pledge for Pay Equity. The Pledge follows our core principles, which include always — and vigorously — striving to change for the better and to do the right thing. We invite all in our industry and beyond to join us in our commitment.

By joining the 3% Pledge for Pay Equity, we affirm that:

  • We have conducted a wage review within the last two years.

  • We have ensured true pay equity by rectifying like-for-like disparities.

  • We are committed to advancing pay equity through collaboration, communication and continued identification and promotion of best practices to close the wage gap in the advertising industry.

As pay equity extends beyond compensation, PMG works hard to create a means for equal opportunity for leadership consideration, evaluate areas of bias, and factor in work accommodations that could affect pay progress including flexible schedules, work from home arrangements, and a respect for family leave and work-life balance.

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“We are honored to join The 3% Movement and other agencies in our commitment to pay equity and look forward to finding more ways to confront gender bias, promote diversity and close the wage gap in advertising,” said George Popstefanov, founder and CEO of PMG.

Posted by Abby Long

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