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PMG Announces New Brand Framework under Digital Made for Humans™ Tagline

6 MINUTE READ | June 25, 2018

PMG Announces New Brand Framework under Digital Made for Humans™ Tagline

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David Gong

With PMG since 2012, David Gong has led marketing initiatives at PMG, drawing on his past experience at agencies, publishers, and industry partners.

In order to combat the challenges of a post ad-blocking world amid rapidly changing consumer behaviors, a renewed consumer demand for more entertaining and less disruptive content, and a concurrent pressure for CMOs and their executive teams to consolidate partnerships, PMG is doubling down on solving the next generations of digital challenges by creating a better digital environment for humans and in doing so, has launched a new brand framework under the tagline, Digital Made for Humans™ to support this mission.

As a response to our assessment of key changes in the industry over the last several years, we feel this framework better communicates how we deliver on our promise to bind data, media strategy, and creative development together to connect people and inspire action.

Founded in Fort Worth, Texas and with offices in Austin, Los Angeles, and London, PMG’s work for brands like Apple, Beats by Dre, Sephora, Cirque du Soleil, Madewell, and OpenTable runs across 50+ countries globally; receiving top industry recognition from Cannes Lions to Adweek Media Plan of the Year.

“‘Digital Made for Humans**™**’ is not just a new brand tagline. It’s a challenge to ourselves, as an agency, to embrace key principles and ensure a more positive experience for our brand clients and the consumers they touch, by encouraging brands to use emotional, real-world human intelligence to administer their behavior online,” said George Popstefanov, founder and CEO of PMG.

“At PMG, we have always invented new technologies, cultivated authentic relationships, and developed innovative strategies; however, our new framework positions us to offer something beyond that of our competitors, as we can continue giving our clients the edge they need to survive and thrive by helping them interact digitally to persuade action, similar to how humans interact in the real world.”

Our new brand platform has been rolled out across the newly redesigned website (, and the expanded suite of services is being utilized for businesses across the agency’s client roster.

PMG Digital Made for Humans

As a digital agency that seeks to inspire people and brands that anything is possible, we developed core agency-wide principles to ensure our clients are treating online consumers the way they were meant to be treated — like humans.

By paying great respect to the consumers’ intelligence and desires, we strive to keep our brands’ advertisements and content relevant to not only the target audience but everyone who engages with our clients online. To do this, we utilize the best market research and consumer behavior insights in the industry to guide our agency-wide advertising philosophies and methodologies.

Our agency partners are powered with innovative technology, audience intelligence, targeting and personalization capabilities, which make advertising more efficient, but also comes with a certain level of power and knowledge in the digital space that, if wielded unethically, can influence decision-making and, in our case, jeopardize the precious relationship between a brand and its consumers.

Beyond the capabilities of our partners, we remain vigilant and continuously monitor breaking news and global developments; practicing industry-leading brand safety measures to protect our brands from compromising situations, and even more importantly, respecting affected members of the online community during unforeseen tragedies and natural disasters.

PMG remains mindful of the true nature and purpose of the Internet and refuses to abuse the relationship between consumers and brands by deploying intrusive ad experiences or insensitive content.

It should go without saying that trust is of the utmost importance in almost every relationship. Whether it’s a sports club, group project or a business relationship, to be a good partner, honesty is a requirement, and at PMG, transparency is our specialty.

Armed with the right technology, digital marketing practitioners have the ability to gain a level of digital omniscience over their target demographics and audience. This knowledge helps brands make good decisions, but if utilized for the wrong reasons, can infringe into corruption and ad fraud, endanger relationships, weaken perceptions, and cause a disconnect between a brand and its followers.

At PMG, we only partner with the most trustworthy agency partners and vendors because brands need to know where their money is being spent and why it’s being spent there. With a data-driven model, deep technical acumen, and consumer behavior insights to guide us, we provide an unparalleled level of transparency to media buying; doing our best to safeguard clients from ad fraud.

To advise brands to make better decisions, we develop best practices for the creation of digital content and consistently observe global and niche market trends and overall brand sentiment to confirm that the ad content we are serving is relevant, valuable, and non-intrusive to all audience types.

Additionally, we work to find an optimal frequency for each client channel that will boost audience receptivity as opposed to causing consumer annoyance; choosing to refine creative and campaigns to be courteous rather than harass and antagonize users. Furthermore, and to supplement our intentions, we also pay great attention to our own preferences and online encounters with organic and paid media; using our own interactions with brands as a reference point to the decisions we make for our clients.

Simply put, we advocate for and create a better digital experience for humans. Put into action, this means that by utilizing technology like frequency caps, ethical targeting methodology and backed with the conscientious belief that just because something is possible doesn’t make it necessary, we use data and digital content to add value to users’ online experience.

Most importantly, we empower clients and agency partners to think differently. Reflecting on the lives, aspirations, and desires of a brand’s core consumer, our advertising practices and brand messaging is better tailored to meet the needs of people; providing value, fulfilling wishes, and encouraging choices. We want the end user experiencing our ads to obtain value from the interaction. To do that, we have to not only think different but be different.

As digital marketers with endless technological capabilities at our fingertips, it is our responsibility to pay as much attention to how an ad is delivered as we do to what is delivered; practicing what we preach and doing our best to ensure creative excellence for every client.

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Through these principles, PMG utilizes data and digital content to add value to users’ online experiences, through proprietary technology and ethical targeting methodology – backed with the conscientious belief that just because something is possible doesn’t make it necessary.

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