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PMG Named Reddit Ads API Alpha Partner

2 MINUTE READ | October 27, 2022

PMG Named Reddit Ads API Alpha Partner

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Abby Long

Abby is PMG’s senior managing editor, where she leads the company’s editorial program and manages the PMG Blog and Insights Hub. As a writer, editor, and marketing communications strategist with nearly a decade of experience, Abby's work in showcasing PMG’s unique expertise through POVs, research reports, and thought leadership regularly informs business strategy and media investments for some of the most iconic brands in the world. Named among the AAF Dallas 32 Under 32, her expertise in advertising, media strategy, and consumer trends has been featured in Ad Age, Business Insider, and Digiday.

Reddit named PMG an alpha partner for the development of the Reddit Ads API, contributing to Reddit’s ongoing commitment to elevate the Reddit Ads experience for the growing Reddit advertiser community on the platform. PMG is among just four companies named alpha partners, representing a global, diverse line-up of adtech partners and clients that gain access to all the benefits and capabilities available via the Ads API. At PMG, the Reddit Ads API will seamlessly integrate with Alli, PMG’s proprietary marketing technology, helping our customers more effectively measure creative performance as well as automate, scale, and optimize Reddit campaigns. As part of this partnership, the PMG technology team will also collaborate with the Reddit developer community to provide feedback and solutions, to ultimately ensure the Reddit Ads API adapts and scales to meet the needs of brands and advertisers. 

In the partnership announcement, Reddit COO Jen Wong said, “We have long had the aspiration to build an ecosystem of partners via our API that enables more effective and efficient campaign management on our platform. The Reddit Ads API will allow a global, diverse set of partners and clients to access all the capabilities we have built and continue to develop to drive performance. These foundational alpha partners represent some of the best and brightest across the industry in terms of innovation, creativity, and adtech. Having them join our developer ecosystem is tremendously exciting.” 

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Learn more about our role as a Reddit Ads API alpha partner on Adweek, and read Reddit’s announcement here.

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