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How to Quickly Convert Your Flash Creative to HTML5

3 MINUTE READ | August 26, 2015

How to Quickly Convert Your Flash Creative to HTML5

As we know with the recent browser announcements, starting September 1st, flash ads served to chrome will serve paused and require users to click play. DoubleClick recently finished their #HTML5Week, during which they provided multiple resources for advertisers to utilize and help with the transition. The transition can be daunting and many advertisers may think they will need to re-build all their flash assets, but that is not necessarily the case. Advertisers actually have the option to automatically convert their flash files in DCM (highly recommended trying first) or utilize Google’s Swiffy flash conversion tool to convert creative outside of DCM. Below is a quick overview of each of these options.

This feature within DCM converts flash files to HTML5 for enhanced banners and flash in-page creatives with no additional billing fees. When this conversion is done, it provides an HTML5 asset when flash is unsupported. This asset will look and function the exact same way as the flash, but it will use HTML5. There are set criteria that must be met for DCM to automatically generate the HTML5 fallback and they are outlined below from Google.

  1. Supported Creative Type: Flash in -page or enhanced banner.

  2. Feature Enabled: “Auto-generate HTML5 fallback” must be turned on (It is on by default).

  3. Single SWF: Must have only one asset.

  4. Needs Update: If the creative already has an HTML5 fallback file, a new one will not be generated unless you change the fkash asset.

  5. No Edits to the HTML: If you edit the HTML of the creative in DCM, generation will not be allowed.

  6. No Manually Uploaded HTML5 Asset: If you have enhanced banners, you can opt to upload your own HTML5 asset in addition to the flash asset. When you do this, generation will not be allowed due to you already having an alternate HTML5 asset on file.

  7. High Conversion Quality: DCM will only generate the HTML5 fallback if it detects that the result will look and have the exact same functionality as the original. Please refer to the link to review ActionScript notes and call methods.

This tool is part of DoubleClick’s HTML5 toolkit and provides advertisers to convert basic flash creatives to HTML5 outside of DCM. At the moment, there is only one limitation in that it can not be used to convert rich media directly. Working with Swiffy is very easy and you have the two options below to convert your files.

Option 1: Directly upload the file into the converter and click to save the newly created HTML5 asset.

Option 2: You can opt to install Swiffy Adobe Flash Extension to export as HTML5 directly.

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Happy converting!

Posted by Addison Wheeler

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