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20 Valentine’s Day Cards for SEOs and Advertisers

2 MINUTE READ | February 13, 2017

20 Valentine’s Day Cards for SEOs and Advertisers

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If you’ve strolled down the aisle of holiday cards at your local grocery store, you may have noticed that there are Valentine’s Day cards for your wife, husband, son, daughter, mom, grandpa, best friend, etc. But what about cards for the special SEO or digital marketer in your life (aka your co-worker who you possibly spend more time with than your own spouse)? Since Hallmark hasn’t tapped into this niche market yet, I took the liberty to create some thoughtful cards to help you put your true feelings into words.

#1. You must be building links to my heart ’cause I can feel my rankings increase.

valentine card for seo

#2. Are you an algorithm? Because my rankings are falling for you.

Valentine Card for SEO

#3. Was your mom an SEO? Because you outrank everyone.

Valentine Card for SEO

#4. Will you be my rel=”canonical” ?

Valentine Card for SEO

#5. How about you 301 your boyfriend and let me be your Valentine.

Valentine Card for SEO

#6. I searched Google for “Angels near me” and that’s how I found you.

Valentine Card for Local SEO

#7. I want to add you to my shopping cart so that I can check you out.

valentine card for digital marketer

#8. Do you have an API? Because I’d love to GET to know you more.

Valentine Card for Developers

#9. You must be Google Images ’cause you turn my SafeSearch on.

Valentine Card for Digital Marketer
Valentine Card for SEO

#11. If your love was a keyword, I’d bid on it forever.

Valentine Card for Digital Marketer

#12. If I told you you had a beautiful blog, would you WordPress it against me?

Valentine Card for SEO

#13. I would never 404 your heart.

Valentine Card for SEO

#14. If I was Google, I’d index you all day long.

Valentine Card for SEO

#15. I just want you to know, you rank number one for the keyword beautiful.

Valentine Card for SEO

#16. You make my heart bounce like a bad landing page.

Digital Marketer Valentine Card

#17. When I first clicked you, I knew it was love at first search.

Valentines card for SEMs

#18. If I had a keyword for every time you brightened my day, I’d have a manual penalty.

seo valentines day card

#19. My feet are tired from JSON after your love.

Valentines for Developers

#20. For Valentine’s Day, I got you this search box of chocolates.

Valentines for Search Marketers

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