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Sprucing Up Your Gmail Sponsored Promotions

2 MINUTE READ | May 24, 2016

Sprucing Up Your Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) have been fully released and out of beta for nearly 8 months, actively adding some color to the top of my Gmail inbox. According to Google’s earnings announcement back in February 2016, Gmail now has more than 1 billion monthly active users and ever expanding – Meaning it is a wide reaching opportunity for advertisers to amplify their message at a not too shabby ROI. (Business Insider).

Like any good Google product, updates and improvements have been made to GSPs to add some variety to the expanded ad section of GSPs. The new templates are much easier to implement compared to the HTML template, but if you are still attached to this format, it is still available. The new self-service templates allow you to easily pop in creative, copy and tracking to then push live, while all remaining in the Adwords UI. Below are new formats you can start testing today.

Gmail multi – product template

Gmail Catalog Template

Gmail Sponsored Promotions + Video

Hitting the Right PeopleBeyond cosmetic updates, Gmail Sponsored Promotions allow the standard advertising options available in the Google Display Network from keyword targeting for competitor conquesting to affinity, topic and the standard demographic targeting. Expanding beyond the prospecting space, you are also able to use Customer Match audiences to target or exclude your 1st party lists. The one type of targeting not yet available for GSPs is leveraging pixel based remarketing lists, but one can only hope this will become available soon.

What to Look Forward toBased on the success of GSPs, Google continues to into their Gmail user base, announcing yesterday at Google I/O 2016 that Universal App Campaigns will also be able to access this top of inbox inventory in Gmail coming to your inbox in 2016.

Gmail universal app placement

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Posted by Amanda Presley

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