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Working in Digital: Why I Chose PMG to Begin My Career in Consulting

3 MINUTE READ | February 9, 2022

Working in Digital: Why I Chose PMG to Begin My Career in Consulting

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Sumner Hanula

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After graduating with an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, in January 2020, I was actively looking for roles in strategy or consulting where I could apply my interest in marketing. I initially was interested in joining a big consulting firm until I stumbled upon PMG. Through PMG’s Graduate Leadership Program (GLP), I saw the opportunity to build my career in strategy and marketing with an independent company that provides training from consulting through execution and offers hands-on experience with leading brands earlier in your career. I was lucky enough to get paired with two PMG employees in the interview process who head up PMG’s consulting business, and from that initial conversation, I immediately knew that PMG was the right fit for me.

After accepting the offer to join PMG, I made the decision to move to Dallas where I could work in closer partnership with PMG’s teams, even though it was a city where I virtually didn’t know anyone. It was certainly daunting, to say the least, but the prospect of joining PMG with other early careers professionals made the experience more exciting. 

Being a part of a group of recent graduates and alumni (internally known as GLPers) provides an immediate sense of community and camaraderie, and you get immediate access to company leaders who are there to support and challenge you in all the best ways. 

I’ve heard many stories of people starting new jobs and being lonely during the pandemic, but my experience was the exact opposite because I had a network of 75 GLPers who were learning the ropes alongside me. Through team-based group projects, as well as social events, both virtually and in person, my start in Texas looked and felt a lot different from many of my peers. I immediately felt at home and a part of an environment that I knew would help and support me in achieving my career goals. 

Once training wrapped up, I took a role on PMG’s consulting team as a consulting analyst. I had previous experience in a client-facing strategy role, but I was excited to dig into a more marketing-focused approach to strategic decision-making. Right away I felt welcomed and a part of the team, and since starting, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most iconic brands in retail. 

As someone who always wanted a consulting or strategy career, I already had a sense of what the landscape would look like and what the job would entail. However, what sets PMG apart is the quality of work that’s delivered to clients, as well as the full-scale support the company provides. You don’t just have access to amazing colleagues within your own team with a wide breadth of experience and industry knowledge but access and support from 400+ PMGers who are more than willing to answer questions and help deliver the best quality work to your client. Unlike the traditional consulting route, you get to see the fruits of your labor play out in real-time as we support our clients in ongoing capacities to ensure the success of what we recommend and deliver. 

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For anyone looking to start a career in consulting, PMG offers an incredible alternative to the Big Five. You will be able to work with great people and great clients in a fast-paced environment that empowers you to take ownership of your career and your goals. To learn more about PMG’s leadership development program or see our open roles, head over to the PMG Careers page and apply today.