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6 Noteworthy G-Chats From My Eloquent Office-Mates

1 MINUTE READ | March 4, 2015

6 Noteworthy G-Chats From My Eloquent Office-Mates

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When working in such a fast-paced and open environment like the PMG office, communication is key. We communicate all day every day. We write notes on paper airplanes and let ’em fly. We write beautiful yet succinct e-mails to our clients that would probably merit an Oprah’s Book Club sticker, ya know, if we ever bound a collection. We pony up at each other’s desks to hash out a quick media plan or clear up some creative edits. But when an e-mail or in-person conversation just can’t suffice, we G-chat.

You never know what that little green flashing box will come up with next. And while my absolute favorite G-chat conversations involve statements like “do you have a copy of the Beats logo?” or (more honestly) “there’s food in the boardroom,” here are some close runner-ups.

Way to go, buddy!

That means long flowing blouses or anything chic and classy for those who’ve been living under a rock.

She gets her dry shampoo at Urban Outfitters.

Price + Icons = 2gether 4ever

We’re still waiting on Princess Elena’s shift to the big screen.

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