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PMG Holiday Gift Box: Spread the Love

1 MINUTE READ | December 23, 2014

PMG Holiday Gift Box: Spread the Love

It’s that time of year again, a time of giving and PMG’s favorite time to show its appreciation to all its hard-working clients and partners. This year we wanted a gift that keeps giving. What’s a better way to spread holiday cheer than to spread the love?

This year’s gift box contained:

  • A chocolate hazelnut spread fittingly called “Tub of Love Spread” from Dude, Sweet Chocolate, a local chocolate shop down the street from our office

  • Pizzelle Italian Waffle Cookies – everyone who got to taste these was instantly addicted

  • A cocktail knife

  • A charity gift card

  • A holiday card with a PMG holiday poem

We spent last week assembling the boxes. Here’s how we made it happen:

We hope everyone who received one enjoys it. And remember that “getting holiday gifts is great, but giving is even better!” So go ahead and spread the LOVE.

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Happy Holidays from PMG.

Posted by Hayley Rhodes

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