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Adobe Announces Project Felix

2 MINUTE READ | December 12, 2016

Adobe Announces Project Felix

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Cynthia De La Torre

Cynthia De La Torre has written this article. More details coming soon.

As a graphic designer, I only received a brief knowledge of 3D modeling in college. I took a gaming class where we were instructed to create a basic point-and-shoot game using the 3D programs Maya and Blender. Man, was that difficult. My game was called Cows vs. Aliens where cows would shoot lasers at alien spaceships who are trying to abduct them. Except my cows just looked like balloons with legs. Ask me about it sometime, I have the file for it somewhere. Unfortunately, a semester is definitely not enough time to learn the complicated process of 3D modeling and design.

That is exactly why Project Felix is so exciting. Made for graphic designers who aren’t 3D modeling experts (like me), Project Felix is an easier way to create photo-realistic 3D rendering.  Users will be able to use the program to create models with different materials and accurate lighting all without the years of 3D modeling experience. Using Adobe Stock, you will be able to drag and drop a background image and a model of your choice. With a preview window available, users will be able to see their design before rendering.

Although I am excited for a program that makes 3D modeling easier, I hope Project Felix gives designers the curiosity and fuel to dive deeper into the world of 3D modeling. I definitely would like Project Felix to be something that leads me to more advanced 3D programs in the future.

Adobe will be releasing a beta of Project Felix in the next couple of weeks.

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