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Adweek Highlights PMG’s Efforts to Support Working Parents as Blueprint for the Industry

2 MINUTE READ | January 20, 2022

Adweek Highlights PMG’s Efforts to Support Working Parents as Blueprint for the Industry

Calling PMG the blueprint for the industry to follow, Adweek recently published a story that called out companies for not following through on promises made around greater empathy, better hours, and accommodations to help working parents navigate continued uncertainty in the ongoing pandemic. Three PMG parents interviewed for the story, sharing their appreciation for PMG, which has instilled a culture of support by providing childcare stipends, free access to and an employee resource group dedicated to parents.

Harrison Petit, senior strategist at PMG and father of a toddler, said, “PMG was like ‘we’re here for you. We get it. We know that this is a tough time…That was really not just powerful, but it’s really comforting because there’s so much unknown and there’s a lot of stress of managing a household and a job, especially in the agency world.”

While the story shared examples of employees not getting support from their companies, it shined a light on places like PMG where employees “do feel the support they need to balance home life and their jobs.”

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“Instead of sitting in this little chair [behind me] watching YouTube all day, [my daughter] was able to go to the zoo,” said Stephanie Dworak, senior account director, PMG, about a time she utilized the backup care. “It feels really good because I can make the decision in the best interest of my daughter’s stimulation and it’s not a financial decision and the company really understands that.”Read more at

Posted by David Gong

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