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Do you TrueView?

2 MINUTE READ | October 23, 2015

Do you TrueView?

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If you are in tune with the latest programmatic news, then you might have heard about Google launching the option to run TrueView video placements within DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM), Google’s DSP. About 5 years ago, Google launched the TrueView product, which allows users to use a cost-per-view (CPV) pricing model through the AdWords platform. TrueView quickly grew and became a go-to channel for advertisers to push their video content as it was highly scalable and offered a unique  pricing model where you are only paying for actual user interaction. Here’s how TrueView works:

  • TrueView placements run across not only YouTube inventory, but other publishers in Google’s Display Network, which includes Google specific sites and blogs.

  • There are two options for ad formats for TrueView:

    • In-stream video ads appear on either YouTube Watch pages or before videos on partner’s pages giving the user the option to skip after 5 seconds. In this case, you are charged after a viewer watches the full video or 30 seconds if it is a longer length.

    • In-display units vary in appearance based on the placement and will appear in formats such as YouTube search results or as a YouTube overlay. Here, pricing is based on when users actually click the ad to watch the video.

The integration for TrueView within DBM now allows advertisers to access this pricing model into their existing programmatic buying. This means that targeting, frequency capping and bidding settings that you are utilizing for other tactics can all be applied to TrueView inventory and be housed under one campaign. This helps to not only utilize insights and past campaign performance across the TrueView campaign, but to regulate frequency capping across users when running multiple channel buys. This also gives access to the robust reporting available within the DBM platform, which provides insights into audiences, granular targeting performance and device to name a few.

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This is a great option to add video to your current campaigns, or to expand on existing TrueView initiatives.

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