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How PMG Supports Mothers

3 MINUTE READ | May 29, 2019

How PMG Supports Mothers

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Abby Long

Abby Long is the Senior Managing Editor at PMG.

According to the latest research by Winnie and The Mom Project, the most influential factor that determines whether a new mom decides to stay at her job or leave the workforce entirely after having a child is the ability to take advantage of a flexible work schedule. How families balance their professional careers and child-rearing responsibilities is a deeply personal decision that affects everything from an individual’s professional development to the larger American economy.

We’ve all experienced the stress of balancing ‘life’ and ‘work,’ but to balance life, work, AND raising children — moms (and dads) deserve everything from high-fives and flowers to an Olympic medal and ceremony, but most importantly, flexibility and support from their superiors and peers at work.

At PMG, motherhood support is a critical component of our company’s culture. From generous maternity leave, flexible schedules, and community support through social groups such as the WeCollective, the Diversity & Inclusion Group, and Book Club (because who doesn’t love a wine night with the girls and a good book every now and then?), our People Operations and Culture teams work hard to provide best-in-class benefits to help people reach their full potential both at home and in the office.

For this post, we’re following up our International Women’s Day article by asking for advice, thoughts, and opinions on being a working mom from those who know best: a few of the moms at PMG.

Here is what they had to say.

Advice, Thoughts, and Opinions from Moms at PMG

PMG offers a myriad of benefits and perks designed to provide security for our employees and their families, help promote work/life balance and flexibility and enhance the overall experience of working at PMG.  This unique combination of benefits is core to our culture. In relation to parenting and maternity & paternity, PMG offers 12 weeks of fully paid leave to the primary caregiver and recently implemented a policy that guarantees non-primary caregivers four weeks of paid leave.

Additionally, PMG gives each new parent a $250 gift card that they can use for baby-related expenses and pays for diapers. PMG also temporarily pauses new parents’ access to email, Slack and work drives until they return to the office.

Benefits for working mothers include a Wellness Room for pumping and resting, an extremely flexible work from home policy and the option of a part-time schedule that allows for a more gradual return to the office. PMG will also pay for the transportation of breast milk home if a new mom is traveling for business.

As said best by Sabour Huml, our People Operations Director,

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“We are proud and excited to offer this enhanced benefit because it is core to who PMG is as a company and the values it embodies. ‘Family first’ is real talk at PMG and rather than just saying it, we take the action to show our employees how much we mean it. We understand that it is important to bond with your baby, therefore, we want our parents to treasure that time with their child and focus on their child and nothing else.”