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Omni Hotels & PMG Drive 4X Conversions with Novel, Privacy-First Approach

3 MINUTE READ | February 5, 2024

Omni Hotels & PMG Drive 4X Conversions with Novel, Privacy-First Approach

Omni Hotels & PMG Drive 4X Conversions with Novel, Privacy-First Approach

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PMG is a global independent digital company that seeks to inspire people and brands that anything is possible. Driven by shared success, PMG uses business strategy and transformation, creative, media, and insights, along with our proprietary marketing intelligence platform Alli, to deliver Digital Made for Humans™. With offices in New York, London, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, Atlanta, and Cleveland, our team is made up of over 900+ employees globally, and our work for brands like Apple, Nike, Best Western Hotels & Resorts, Gap Inc., Kohler, Momentive, Sephora, and Shake Shack has received top industry recognitions including Cannes Lions and Adweek Media Plan of the Year.

With more than 50 properties across Canada and the U.S., Omni Hotels & Resorts is no stranger to providing its guests with a personalized, premium experience, and the brand’s digital touchpoints are expected to deliver the same. As industry-wide cookie deprecation draws near, the hospitality leader recently tapped PMG to reimagine its digital advertising for the privacy-first future. Leveraging our expertise and industry-leading partnerships alongside robust first-party data from Omni Hotels, we activated a unique approach that pairs data with optimized, privacy-first media strategies and the latest innovations in AI and technology. 

By helping Omni Hotels & Resorts transform its advertising strategy for a future that’s more personalized and privacy-first, we delivered 4X conversions in the first documented test with Google and LiveRamp while demonstrating how advertisers can find success without compromising consumer privacy across both open and closed web environments. 

As the broader ecosystem awaits privacy-first standards amid regulatory pressures and cookie deprecation, our approach to any change or new challenge has been to remain people-first. Paired with an unwavering commitment to privacy-first practices by Omni Hotels, we saw value in leveraging technology-enabled partnerships to meet the brand’s goals. 

We utilized LiveRamp’s Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation protocol (PAIR) for Google Display & Video 360. PAIR is a new solution that privately and securely pairs first-party data with known publisher audiences, enabling greater ad relevance among audiences while respecting consumers’ privacy expectations. Google Display & Video 360 first inked a partnership with LiveRamp in 2022 to support PAIR as we deployed LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution to encrypt and reconcile publisher and advertiser data as a prerequisite to activation. By using LiveRamp and Google’s PAIR, we enabled Omni Hotels to engage with high-intent audiences via personalized, relevant ads without sharing sensitive identifiers (like cookies and device IDs) with publishers.

Omni Hotels served as the first documented test of this signal-less technology, and the brand saw a 4X increase in conversions compared to traditional cookie-based CRM first-party audience targeting in Google Display & Video 360. Conversions were measured as user visits to the Omni Hotels & Resorts website after seeing an ad. 

By using LiveRamp and Google’s PAIR, we enabled Omni Hotels to engage with high-intent audiences via personalized, relevant ads without sharing sensitive identifiers (like cookies and device IDs) with publishers.

In combining the power of first-party data with a privacy-first media strategy and signal-less technology, Omni Hotels benefited from ‌greater scale and flexibility via a cookieless campaign infrastructure while delivering fully personalized ad experiences across the media ecosystem. The future of advertising is privacy-first and collaborative across partners, and following these results, we’ve continued our work with advertisers to scale campaigns using PAIR and similar technologies. 

Just as Omni Hotels is dedicated to providing unparalleled personalized service and local experiences, our work with the brand and our partners showcases the value of activating collaborations across the media ecosystem and personalizing customer touchpoints as we continue to embrace the most innovative solutions to deliver exceptional results for our customers. 

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Learn more about our privacy-first approach and partnership with Omni Hotels & Resorts on MediaPost.

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