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PMG Inaugural Private Dinner Series in Dallas

2 MINUTE READ | October 1, 2018

PMG Inaugural Private Dinner Series in Dallas

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PMG’s Inaugural Private Dinner Series and fireside chat took place last week in Dallas. It was a great night filled with cocktails and conversation at the beautiful Mirador restaurant that overlooks the famous Eye sculpture by Tony Tasset. The conversation of the night revolved around How the Rise of Content Co-Creation Is Shaping the Customer Experience.

PMG’s own Angela Seits, Director of Influencer & Branded Content, moderated the conversation between Mike Hondorp, CGO at Whalar, and Camille Styles, Owner & Creative Director of Camille Styles. Topics of conversation ranged from pain points around content creation to the role influencers play in brands approach to content and communication.

Camille Styles brought the influencer perspective to the forefront of the conversation throughout the fireside chat as she’s been in the influencer market since 2008. Her team of nine contributors creates fresh content two to three times a day. Mike Hondorp brought years of social experience to the panel sharing expertise from his time at Instagram and tips on how Whalar approaches influencer marketing.

The interactive fireside chat also included questions from attendees about brands that are doing influencer marketing well, with our speakers noting that the automotive industry stands out when it comes to influencer marketing. There were also discussions about how to approach creating for an ever-increasing and changing set of channels. Attendees highlighted the importance of finding the right audience for your influencer set.

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The night continued with a delicious three-course meal and the conversations filled the room. We set aside time to bring together a group of clients and friends for a great evening of conversation and it was a hit. Events like our Inaugural Dinner Series allow us to set our laptops aside to have fun and indulge in great conversation.

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