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PMG's Ting Zheng Joins the Drum’s Deep Dive into the Metaverse

1 MINUTE READ | January 17, 2022

PMG's Ting Zheng Joins the Drum’s Deep Dive into the Metaverse

PMG client strategy lead Ting Zheng recently spoke with The Drum about marketing and the metaverse. Perhaps the hottest topic in the business world today, there are varying opinions on how mature of an opportunity the metaverse represents for marketers. Some say it's impending, and others give a horizon of ten years. Ting highlighted how most of the conversations about the metaverse today are more about the potential, and the importance of recognizing that there's not a lot of interoperability right now. According to Ting, best practices really depend on the platforms, their audiences, and the intent of those audiences within those virtual spaces.

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The full conversation, moderated by The Drum’s Chris Sutcliffe and joined by Rafe Blandford, Digitas UK’s chief product officer, and Scott Cullather, president and CEO of Invnt Group, is available here.

Posted by: David Gong

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