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Top 4 Things to Consider When Building a Solid Pinterest Strategy

2 MINUTE READ | November 6, 2014

Top 4 Things to Consider When Building a Solid Pinterest Strategy

As a brand on Pinterest, you should have 3 main goals:




Achieve these three pillars by keeping the following bullets in mind as you execute your Pinterest strategy:

1) Uphold a cohesive brand voice across all boards

  • Pin captions, image selection, board names, and board descriptions are all creative outlets to inform your audience of your brand’s image. Make sure they all tie into each other and connect back to the overall message and mantra of the brand.

2) Maintain steady presence

  • Content is the lifeblood of the platform. In order to have a successful brand account, you must have a steady flow of content on your page. Create new boards around product, seasonality, or specific interest and keep a constant supply of new pins coming into your account – on new boards as well as old.

  • The best way to ensure a steady presence is to create a structured pin management cadence. Knowing when you’ll need to create new boards and which boards you need to pin to on a regular schedule can ease some of the pain points of constant Pinterest management.

3) Share content with other accounts

  • As important as it is to produce your own content on Pinterest, sharing pins from other accounts is just as crucial to the success of your page. Repinning from other accounts puts your brand top of mind for users you pin from, meaning more followers, engagement, and visits to your page.

  • This also keeps your boards more diverse and robust, rather than operating solely on your brand’s own content. A board appears more full and well thought out when it incorporates pins from many different sources.

4) Follow other brands and accounts

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  • The accounts you follow can paint a better picture of who you are as a brand, informing users of your message and inspiring them to engage based on interest. Always be sure to stay in line with brand values and interests when following others, as every account you follow will be a direct reflection of these.

  • To get started, try following influential bloggers in your industry, loyal fans, and similar brands. Not only do these compliment the overall image of your account and give you a steady source of quality repin material, but they encourage engagement from these users and their own fan bases.

Posted by Kinzi Beckham

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