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Banana Republic Debuts “The New Look,” with Holistic Partnership Strategy Led by PMG

3 MINUTE READ | October 6, 2021

Banana Republic Debuts “The New Look,” with Holistic Partnership Strategy Led by PMG

Banana Republic recently introduced a new brand identity, positioning, and brand promise, “The New Look,” celebrating its heritage and modern reinvention as a democratic, approachable, and inclusive luxury brand. Launched in 1978, Banana Republic became one of the most iconic lifestyle brands in the world by redefining modern luxury and using only the finest materials and fabric innovations to create timeless, versatile apparel, goods, and accessories. 

“Call it post-genre fashion. Or call it post-fashion altogether: The New Look is less about fashion and more about living. To get there, we mixed the mythical American look, San Francisco imagination, and the late 1990s,” said Ana Andejelic, Banana Republic’s Chief Brand Officer to RetailDive

The Banana Republic rebrand elevates the in-store and online experience for customers with updated product designs and fabrics, quality packaging and service, and immersive product storytelling opportunities across all brand touchpoints. According to a statement, “As the brand elevates the quality of its collections, it is also focused on reimagining its digital platforms to be an engaging experience featuring inspirational imagery, video, and music that immerses customers into the new world of Banana Republic. The brand is also upgrading its fleet of stores across the country, thinking holistically about customer experiences from hospitality and styling services to harmonious store design and elevated merchandising.” 

Watch “The New Look” on YouTube. 

PMG supported Banana Republic’s “The New Look” Fall 2021 campaign with a holistic partnership and brand media strategy across premium lifestyle publications and digital channels. Through content and media partnerships with publications such as Complex, Ebony, Essence, Harper’s Baazar, How To Spend It, and The New York Times, the strategy helped bring the brand’s spirit of exploration, discovery, and adventure to life through custom inspirational content, rich media, and one-of-a-kind content programs. Banana Republic’s campaign reflects the origins of the brand — a fictitious territory far away and unknown that’s part of explorer folklore and “adventurers’ lore.”

“We wanted to help shift the perception of Banana Republic with the new shoppers and loyal customers and to support the brand’s new positioning by leaning heavily on digital and print brand media opportunities that showcase Banana Republic’s legacy of imagination, creative exploration, and discovery,” said Nadia Pesina, Associate Director of Brand Media at PMG. “The campaign creative is timeless and purposeful, evoking feelings of nostalgia and optimism while paying respect to the new purpose and vision of the brand, and we’re honored to partner with Banana Republic to bring this to life.” 

“This Fall is just the beginning for Banana Republic. We embark on an adventure of our lifetimes, led by creativity, curiosity, and a newfound drive. The excitement is palpable across the entire organization as we all dream about the opportunities to transform this iconic lifestyle brand into a forever brand: always relevant, always current, never not modern,” said Brand President and CEO Sandra Stangl in a statement.

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New activations from “The New Look” by Banana Republic will continue to roll out in the coming weeks. In the meantime, see the work in print in the September edition of How To Spend It, and read more about the new brand identity and brand positioning on Adweek, RetailDive, and The Wall Street Journal.

Posted by Abby Long