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Considerations for Audio Investments During COVID-19

1 MINUTE READ | April 2, 2020

Considerations for Audio Investments During COVID-19

While consumers are settling into their new routines of life at home, consumption habits are shifting dramatically across digital mediums. So much so that Nielsen is estimating Americans are spending just shy of twelve hours each day with media platforms.

At a glance, here is how brands should be reassessing their audio strategies:

In PMG’s latest POV, we examine the latest digital media consumption trends and how brands can restructure their audio investments to reach consumers. Download your copy today.

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This POV was written by members of PMG’s brand media and programmatic teams, including Natalee Geldert, Kia Igel, Mallory Bransom, Katie Anderson, Marie Bailey, and Gabby Lanza.

Posted by Natalee Geldert

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