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Consistency Is Key: Learning From Amazon

2 MINUTE READ | July 18, 2017

Consistency Is Key: Learning From Amazon

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Amazon is changing the way users buy and receive items. Amazon has been in the headlines recently with the acquisition of Whole Foods, continuing their efforts for product expansion.

Convenience is becoming exponentially more important for users and Amazon is a leader in not only saving time for users but also getting them the items they need in an efficient manner. To illustrate this point even further, they recently opened their first brick and mortar store providing convenience for users located near the store. The store allows for day of deliveries and same day pick up.

Amazon is a leader in not only saving time for users but also getting them the items they need in an efficient manner. 

No matter the service Amazon is providing, they excel in the art of consistency. Throughout the Amazon brand, from the packaging to the mobile app purchase path, we see a uniform and consistent message/experience – a truly powerful tool in a brand’s arsenal.

Statistics from a Signal brand infatuation study, show that the most important factor for customers favoring one brand to another is “Consistent experiences no matter where/how I interact with them.”

While other advertisers are pulling spend, Amazon continues to spend, keeping their presence consistent in the digital space. This consistency is something that markets can take a queue from Amazon specifically. Learning to market with one singular voice and work to develop a mainstay presence in the digital life of a customer.

Knowing that one of the most valuable assets to a marketer is singular consistency, we can begin to hone campaigns to make certain we engage our audience correctly.

  • Strong creative identity (assets/copy)

  • Cross audience consistency

  • Sensitive frequency capping

  • Strong brand safety/guidelines

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With consistency as the overarching goal for our campaign management, even as programs scale, the health of overall brand sentiment will remain strong. This is a lesson Amazon has been teaching us since its inception and continues to be an industry leader for.

Posted by John Stewart

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