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CPG Marketers Adapt to Shifting Consumer Behaviors

1 MINUTE READ | June 24, 2020

CPG Marketers Adapt to Shifting Consumer Behaviors

During the COVID-19 crisis, marketers have had to adjust their strategies due to significant shifts in consumer behavior. Some of those shifts were changes that were already underway — but accelerated by the crisis — while others were truly spawned by the new normal. PMG’s Parks Blackwell recently shared examples of some CPG marketers who have already begun to adapt to those consumer shifts and provides recommendations to all brands on where to focus in their own strategies.

“This period of time represents an opportunity for all brands willing to embrace it. We won’t know exactly when we turn the economic corner, but we will have a pretty good idea of who the winners will be based on what happens during the downturn,” said Blackwell.

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Posted by David Gong

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