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ICYMI: Amazon Aversion and Facebook Faithfulness

1 MINUTE READ | April 23, 2018

ICYMI: Amazon Aversion and Facebook Faithfulness

Lora Parker, PMG’s VP of media services, recently spoke with Digiday about how some retailers are averse to advertising on Amazon. Noting that some retailers do see Amazon as a genuine opportunity, while others view Amazon as a direct threat to their business. Read the full article here for more industry insights on advertising on Amazon.

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PMG’s Angela Seits, director of social media and influencer marketing, recently spoke with Wired about the industry’s sentiment towards Facebook. Angela highlighted that there is still a positive outlook from the industry as a whole, noting that many believe Facebook will continue to be a trustworthy partner. Check out the full article for more on why advertisers still love Facebook.

Posted by Maddie Owen

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