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Justin Scarborough Talks to WSJ About Third-Party Cookies on Chrome

1 MINUTE READ | January 16, 2020

Justin Scarborough Talks to WSJ About Third-Party Cookies on Chrome

Nat Ives, the editor of CMO Today at The Wall Street Journal, recently spoke with PMG’s Justin Scarborough about Google’s plans to end support of third-party cookies on Chrome, and its impact for advertisers. His story detailed concerns from the ad industry’s trade groups — the Association of National Advertisers and the 4A’s — and how Google’s plan can “threaten to substantially disrupt much of the infrastructure of today’s Internet.”

PMG believes Google’s announcement shows the correct and necessary intent, given where the industry, regulation and consumer sentiment are headed. In fact, Google is “taking a very measured approach,” according to Scarborough.

The net effect for consumers, and advertisers, will be positive. That’s because PMG expects Google’s move will lead “companies to establish direct, consensual relationships with consumers.”

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“When consumers and companies choose to have those kinds of interactions, they’re doing it because there’s a value exchange,” he said, adding, “At the end of the day, the consumer-brand value exchange has to be brought out of the shadows.”

Posted by David Gong

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