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Managing Marketing Budgets During Crisis

1 MINUTE READ | May 5, 2020

Managing Marketing Budgets During Crisis

In an article on CMSWire about the key considerations for marketing budgets now, PMG’s Price Glomski recently shared his thoughts about consumer propensity and the importance of creative messaging during our current crisis.

According to Glomski, marketers must ask whether or not “employees, associates and partners behind [their] brand be positively or negatively affected by the marketing decision at hand.” Citing the concept of consumer propensity, he said, “Propensity modeling becomes particularly valuable in uncertain times because it answers a core marketing question: On a scale of zero to 100%, how likely is a consumer to purchase a product or take a particular action? And what will make them more likely to do so?”

Glomski also advised that marketers focus “on more time-sensitive, dynamic and intentional creative, spending time in creative ideation to ensure the results stand out.” He added, “Creative thrives in downturns due to the necessity of agility, redefinition and cultural shifts.”

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For more of Glomski’s insights and other experts, read the full article here.

Posted by David Gong

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