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Non-Profits Turning to TV for Fundraising

1 MINUTE READ | June 19, 2020

Non-Profits Turning to TV for Fundraising

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted many industries, including charities, which have found it difficult to fundraise because of their inability to hold in-person events. To overcome that, many have turned to TV to create awareness of their message, as well as their financial needs. According to an analysis on Digiday, charities’ TV impressions are up 155% from 2019, and PMG’s Parks Blackwell shared her thoughts with the publication.

While impressions are way up, charities are benefiting from reduced costs due to large advertisers pulling back. “Most mainstream advertisers are pulling back significantly on TV and radio, which opens up two things: one, inventory availability; two, decrease of costs,” said Blackwell. According to her, TV “networks need to fill the space and are much more willing to provide that either at no cost or low cost.”

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Check out the full story to learn how US- and UK-based non-profit organizations are faring in this current landscape.

Posted by David Gong