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PMG’s Parks Blackwell in Think with Google on Winning the Customer Journey

1 MINUTE READ | November 2, 2020

PMG’s Parks Blackwell in Think with Google on Winning the Customer Journey

“We forget all of those different data points are actually a person having an engagement with a brand and how important and powerful those touch-points can be.”

That reminder from PMG’s Parks Blackwell was among the many insights she shared with Google during its Agency Conversations series that launched during Advertising Week. The unique audio series featured 12 agency thought leaders who discussed key areas of digital transformation, and how their companies are helping marketers be more agile and digital-first, needs that were accelerated because of the global pandemic.

Blackwell paired with Tim Maleeny, chief strategy officer at Havas North America, to chat about how to win the customer journey, which has shifted because of COVID-19, and the “importance of harnessing first-party data to map out a cohesive customer journey and optimize the consumer experience.” We highly recommend that you listen to the 8-minute conversation on YouTube.

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Others who participated include executives from OMD, Carat U.S., MightyHive, GroupM, and Publicis. Summaries of the six conversations can be found on Think With Google, as well as links to the audio recordings.

Posted by David Gong

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