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Restarting Ad Spend As the Economy Reopens

2 MINUTE READ | July 28, 2020

Restarting Ad Spend As the Economy Reopens

More and more cities are reopening critical parts of their economy, though there are still a lot of complexities to be mindful of. That said, advertisers are also eager to re-engage with consumers to drive awareness and transactions. A recent AdExchanger article touched on how marketers should approach resuming their advertising, and PMG’s Nick Drabicky was among the experts to share their thoughts.

Heading back into market with a plan that clearly lays out the channels, messaging and how much to spend on what “is the only way to do it,” said Nick Drabicky, VP of client strategy at PMG. Marketers without a well-oiled plan won’t be able to gather the learnings they need to ramp up with confidence.

Run small, medium and large tests to see what happens and “take advantage of trends as they’re popping up,” he said. “The worst and last thing you can do is start coming back – and then shoot yourself in the foot.”

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Other factors to account for, according to the article, include hyperlocal sentiment analysis, adjusting your messaging based on performance or awareness goals, and geotargeting to ensure your message is relevant (and within legal guidelines) as cities are in various stages of reopening.

Posted by David Gong

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