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COVID-19 Crisis: The Dos and Don’ts of Marketing

1 MINUTE READ | March 19, 2020

COVID-19 Crisis: The Dos and Don’ts of Marketing

As much as we try to approach what we do with a “business-as-usual” attitude during this time of unprecedented crisis, the truth is that we need to always be mindful of present-day reality. This holds true for marketers as well. Allison Schiff at Adexchanger compiled insights and recommendations from industry experts on how to approach marketing during the COVID-19 crisis, and PMG’s Tim Lardner was among those to share thoughts:

“Brands can stay relevant by telling stories about what they’re doing to have a positive impact on their communities, their store associates, and their customers,” Lardner said. “Some examples include why they’re being proactive about store closings in order to contribute to efforts to ‘flatten the curve,’ showing how the brand is supporting employees and their families and being a positive voice among a sea of chaos and confusion.”

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The article also shared examples of which marketers are doing things well, and which ones aren’t. Read the full story for more insights.

Posted by David Gong

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