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Twenty-Three Days Until CCPA

2 MINUTE READ | December 9, 2019

Twenty-Three Days Until CCPA

The countdown to CCPA going into effect on January 1st is almost like opening up an advent calendar from Trader Joe’s — except instead of getting sweet little chocolates to eat every day, you get warnings about potential penalties for not being in compliance mixed in with stories about how the law’s ambiguity is causing marketers to throw their hands up in confusion.

Our treat today is a story in Digiday about how the ad industry is taking a conservative approach to CCPA, whereby they work towards compliance while waiting for further clarification from California’s attorney general about enforcement. PMG’s Justin Scarborough was among the experts who shared their thoughts about what the potential impact is for marketers, and how some are preparing for the inevitable world of less targeted advertising online.

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He shared how PMG has some retail clients that are testing “extreme scenarios where our ability to retarget at scale is severely deprecated” as a way to “pressure-test some of the options in the future.” This approach isn’t due to just CCPA but is part of PMG’s recommendation for the future of cookie-less targeting wrought by increased regulation and maneuvers by companies like Apple and Google to increase consumer choice around data privacy.

Posted by David Gong

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