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CBID Conversations: Edward Pokropski Speaks to PMG on Finding His Voice

2 MINUTE READ | May 19, 2022

CBID Conversations: Edward Pokropski Speaks to PMG on Finding His Voice

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Edward was adopted by Polish-American parents when he was 19 months old. Prompted by an identity crisis, he journeyed back to South Korea as an adult in hopes of finding information about his birth family. What he found instead was his own voice, in comedy and as an Asian-American. The confidence that emerged from this experience led him to elevate Asian-American talent both in his career and as the co-creator and executive producer of Asian Comedy Fest, the largest national comedy festival dedicated to elevating diverse voices across the AAPI experience. He now writes, produces, directs, and edits content for NBCUniversal, has been nominated for two daytime Emmys, and performs stand-up and hosts events. 

Earlier this month, several PMGers from our New York office attended the Asian Comedy Fest and saw him perform live in a show where, one PMGer said, “she laughed the whole time.”  

In his talk, Edward spoke about media portrayals of adoption stories and the common misconceptions around transracial adoptions, including the common question, “Have you tried to find your parents?” He also discussed the important role of allyship and the value of listening and being present when supporting AAPI voices and others from marginalized communities. 

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Thank you, Edward, for sharing your story with PMG as part of our ongoing conversations about the lives and unique experiences of the AAPI community.

Posted by Abby Long