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CBID Conversations: For National Poverty Awareness Month, PMG ‘DIGs In’ With Terence Lester

2 MINUTE READ | January 31, 2022

CBID Conversations: For National Poverty Awareness Month, PMG ‘DIGs In’ With Terence Lester

As we wrap up January and National Poverty Awareness Month, we’d like to thank Terence Lester, an Atlanta-based activist fighting systemic poverty, who spoke to our team this month about his efforts to fight poverty, as well as misperceptions around homelessness. We are inspired by how he himself, through the generosity and grace of others, was able to overcome homelessness and has dedicated his life to sharing ways people can impactfully help those in need in their communities.

Terence is the founder of Love Beyond Walls, an award-winning non-profit organization that advocates for the poor and the homeless. He has authored two books, including I See You: How Love Opens Our Eyes to Invisible People, and he has been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, NBC News, and The Kelly Clarkson Show, as well as in Christianity Today and Essence. Terence was also among the “History Shakers” featured in a Coca-Cola tribute commercial that honored those who are changing the world for the better.

Image by Love Beyond Walls

Photo by Love Beyond Walls

In his talk, part of PMG’s ‘DIG In’ speaker series, Terence shared how important access and belonging are in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. Giving access to others and creating a sense of belonging are eminently achievable no matter one’s resources. He also challenged PMGers to create margin in their lives to be available to serve others—and not to be a person who says they’re willing, but doesn’t have the time or availability.

Photo by Love Beyond Walls

‘DIG In’ at PMG brings in speakers from diverse backgrounds and industries to spark meaningful conversations that celebrate diverse people, voices, perspectives, and experiences, as part of PMG’s overall efforts to foster a culture of belonging, inclusion, and diversity. 

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Thank you, Terence, for sharing your story and passion with us, and inspiring us to see and support those in need within our communities with the dignity, thoughtfulness, and compassion they deserve.

Posted by: David Gong